When I decided to buy property in Ridgway I spoke with more than half a dozen local real estate agents. I do my research and put in effort to find the best, and when putting down as much money as a home costs I definitely didn't mess around. Tony was the agent who made me feel most comfortable. The thing that struck me first was that Tony didn't pressure me into selecting him. He was happy to tell me about the area and about the market for no other reason than to provide information, and was honest that the market was crazy without attempting to paint himself as the One True Agent who could navigate it. Tony's confidence was the quieter type, which I appreciated. At least one other aggent sounded like they were practically salivating for my business, but Tony was happy to simply share information and let me do the choosing on my own. Not feeling pressured in such a high pressure business like real estate was key, since that's when mistakes are made. As a long-time resident of Ridgway (something like 20+ years) as well as a nature photographer Tony's knowledge of the area was as deep as it was wide, and he was able to answer every question I had about pricing, financing options, buying a house versus buying a lot, market trends, local culture, even the mountains that Ridgway is so famous for. I had been to Ridgway numerous times before but having a local insider's insight was critical to the process, and Tony was an invaluable resource from start to finish. The real work began after we signed a contract, and as Tony learned what I liked we shared the responsibilities of finding listings to look at. If I saw something I liked he had a showing scheduled immediately; if he saw something he thought I would like he was on the phone with me within minutes of it appearing on the MLS. I looked at both houses and lots, and he was realistic about the pros and cons of both options. He would tell me if he thought a house/lot was overpriced or priced right, as well as when unusual and subjective factors such as mountain views came into play. If there was a problem with the utility provider for a property, or if cell reception wasn't good, or something else that's hard to see or know ahead of time, he knew and brought it to my attention. At showings he was prompt and pointed out both the good and the bad. When I was ready to make offers - I made several before finally winning the dream home I reside in now - he had the paperwork drafted up within an hour or two and walked me through each one in detail. He even did this while on vacation! To say Tony is dedicated to his clients is a major understatement. Tony lives for his clients, and I felt that at every step of the way. Speaking of paperwork, Tony's knowledge of the legal ins-and-outs of the business are impeccable. Every time there was something new to do he was ready to go with the relevant paperwork and walked me through each one. This goes for not only the offers I made, as mentioned above, but for the initial contract we signed together, the counter offer paperwork, utility transfers, inspection paperwork, you name it. He could answer any question I had and gave me the opportunity to read over things on my own time. When paperwork came fast and furious like it did when making offers he was all over it, including late at night or early in the morning. The paperwork was actually surprisingly easy to understand, but I still made sure to take advantage of Tony's knowledge on all of it. Likewise, when I finally had an offer that was accepted, he kept me on the right track, which I never would have been able to do on my own. Though there's generally a step-by-step process for all of this it was much more complex and fast paced than I could have handled on my own, and he made it easy and pain free, including coordinating everything from questions to on-site visits between me and the seller. The inspection went without a hitch and he helped go through the list of inspection findings and pick which ones were big enough or worthwhile enough to ask the seller to fix and which would be likely to cause friction in the deal. All that was left after that was closing, which was actually one of the easiest parts! Show up and sign the prepared paperwork, and bam! I'm now a homeowner! All in all Tony was a far better agent than I could have possibly expected. I had high expectations going into this and he surpassed those expectations with ease. He was respectful, timely, knowledgeable, dedicated, and I felt was truly in it for me and not for himself. He gave me the keys and let me drive, but provided utterly masterful navigation. He is a true professional, and I am lucky to have found him. I bought an absolutely beautiful home that even he says he is jealous of, which is certainly a high mark for a real estate professional, and I couldn't have done it without his help. If you want an agent who is on your side, then Tony is your man. Thank you, Tony!


Tony Litschewski has been the most professional realtor we have ever dealt with, With experience and knowledge that far exceeds that of the average realtor. He has a commanding knowledge of real estate law, and caught many potential and actual errors that could’ve caused us problems. We had supreme confidence in his brokerage skills and he consistently negotiated for our best advantage . We bought our home from him and sold two properties through him, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He was thorough, sharp and detailed and always in our corner in every detail. He maneuvered us through several rough patches with great skill and experience behind him to ensure our protection and best interests. He is truly in the top echelon in the Real Estate profession. Thank you, Tony!


Tony has helped us over the years in buying and selling Real Estate. His expertise and attention to detail is phenomenal! We wouldn't hesitate to contact him for future deals.


Tony was exemplary in our experiences with as buyer, and then as seller of our home. We loved every minute of our time in this home, and felt protected in the buying and the selling processes. I have never worked with a realtor as thorough and as committed to our safety and security. Tony consistently looked out for our best interest, and was eagle eyed in catching and preventing any problems or mistakes in the transaction. We had utmost confidence in him. He also went over and beyond in helping us sell from out of state. What could’ve been a very difficult situation was made much easier for us with his help. We highly recommend Tony to anyone wishing to either buy or sell property. He is thorough, pleasant, eminently knowledgeable and very sharp in navigating the intricacies of real estate law and process.


Tony represented us as our real estate agent to sell our home. He is very knowledgeable about real estate, our neighborhood and community. It was reassuring to work with him; he answered his phone calls and responded to texts quickly. His communication was clear and concise. He guided us through multiple offers and ultimately in selling our home. We recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


Tony is amazing to work with and very professional. Tony has a strong knowledge of the Divide Golf Course neighborhood and understanding of the history of the area. Tony did a wonderful job to keep us informed throughout the process and on track with our deadlines. He was also very thorough with reviewing and walking us through all of the process/documentation to make sure we understood everything. Tony is extremely ethical, knowledgeable, strong negotiator, and will do an awesome job representing you!!! Highly recommend!


Tony was a great advocate for us and extremely detail oriented. He also did not lose sight of the big picture throughout a fairly important transaction to us. He has excellent local knowledge. Very practical and intelligent.


I recently closed on a home purchase in Ridgway with Tony as my realtor. I've bought and sold several properties in the past and have never worked with someone so thorough. He responded to my phone calls and texts quickly and always kept me up to date on the process and what to expect next. Our deal involved some further negotiations after the inspection and he gave great advice and guidance throughout. I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property in the area.


Tony’s experience is evident in all aspects when working with him. His local knowledge is a huge benefit. His knowledge of all the rules and ability to explain them in terms I understand was great! He is always available to show a property or answer any questions. His attention to detail always gave me confidence that we were working with the best agent around!


Tony is a true professional. This is our third partnership in exchanging real estate property in Ouray County. In this attempt, the market has become highly competitive with very few properties available. Tony was able to guide us through the process, enabling us to secure the property we wanted without feeling that we overpaid. Tony operates with the highest level of integrity, dealing with situations where he is acting on behalf of multiple clients at the same time. I would highly recommend Tony if you are looking to buy or sell a property in the Ouray/Montrose area.


Working with Tony was an excellent experience. He went above and beyond to sell our house. He spent several hours during the daytime and evenings hours taking incredible pictures which included using 3D Image technology. This provided buyers the ability to take a 3D tour of the house without being on site. This resulted in 3 sight-unseen offers. The first offer was received in 1.5 hours of the MLS listing. He provides great customer service and does an excellent job of following up on all aspects of listing and selling a property. No stone is left unturned. Tony is very knowledgeable of contracts and does an excellent job of explaining all terms of line item of the contracts received. He makes sure that all your questions or concerns are answered. I would highly recommend Tony for all of your real estate needs.


We purchased our first single family rental property from Tony Litschewski, who also served as the real estate agent. He was extremely accommodating and provided us with abundant guidance and support throughout the process. For example, he shared with us many tips and resources to help make our first rental property a positive experience in terms of managing tenants. We live in Texas and, since this property was in Colorado, Tony provided us with specific requirements unique to this state and county. Our adult son lives in Montrose and is assisting us with property management matters associated with this property. Consequently, we plan to purchase additional rental properties in the Montrose, Colorado area and will definitely use Tony as our real estate agent on any future purchases.


This is the second time we have dealt with Tony as our professional realtor and he is as thorough and professional as they come. We have every confidence in his skills and can highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Tony


Mr. Litschewski was a great choice for me and my family. Buying my first home was scary, and he helped by explaining everything thoroughly and making sure I understood. He is very professional and gets things done. He made my home buying experience non-stressful, and enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with Tony. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!


We chose Tony as our realtor because of the great feedback we received from his previous clients. We have bought and sold several homes and Tony is by far the most diligent, honest, and knowledgeable realtor we have ever worked with. Tony's patience and dedication to helping us find exactly what we needed led to the purchase of the perfect lot to build our dream home. We are so thrilled we met Tony and recommend him to anyone in the area. Thanks Tony!


Attention to detail was very important to us and Tony provided this from beginning to final completion of the process and closing. Explanation of all terms and the necessary forms for proper completion were explained in detail. The photography process that Tony uses was instrumental in insuring the successful bid and closing of our property. Tony's expertise was evident from the beginning of the listing to the final closing process at the title company. We would highly recommend Tony for anyone starting a sale or buy process in Ouray county Colorado.


Tony is the best! He not only sold our home , he also took incredible photos of our house. Tony is Very thorough and explains everything in detail. He is a Great communicator and has a very high level of integrity and honesty ! We definitely recommend Tony to anyone looking for a realtor that goes above and beyond.


Tony was absolutely great on helping us sell our house! His photography skills are absolutely impressive. This helped us to get potential buyers to view our home online, which translated into showings. An offer was made sight unseen as his pictures, as well as a 3D image gave the buyers a true picture of our house. When they came to see it before closing, they said it was just like the pictures showed. Throughout the entire process, Tony kept in touch with us. During the closing, he let us know what we needed to do on our end, which helped to make the closing go smoothly. Any questions we had for him, were always answered promptly, usually within 5 minutes. He was thorough and meticulous throughout the entire process. Couldn't have asked for a better realtor, would highly recommend him to others.


Tony did a fantastic job in handling the sale of our home in Log Hill Village. His attention to detail and guidance were invaluable in helping us get what we wanted out of the sale. Starting with the listing, Tony came by to photograph the property, taking his pictures when the house looked its best. The pictures Tony took of the property looked fantastic in the listing, and on the web a 3D walk-through of the home was available. In terms of showings, Tony would take the time to come early, before a potential buyer, turn on the lights and ensure everything was in order. Additionally, after a showing he would stop by to ensure the lights were turned back off. Throughout the process Tony provided fair and honest advice and operates with the highest level of integrity. I would highly recommend Tony.


Tony is an amazing photographer and real estate agent. He made several trips to our house and lot to get the photos for the MLS listing JUST RIGHT. Our listings got the most views due to the high quality of his photographs! Tony was always one step ahead on everything and so thorough, professional and so CALM. Detail people love working with other detail people! Tony really helped us get through what could have been a very stressful summer, in a fairly mellow fashion. With his help, we sold our house and lot this summer. I would highly recommend his services.


For starters, Tony is an excellent photographer! The photos he took of our lot drew lots of attention! When it comes to contracts, he knows them well, and doesn't skip any detail. Very good communication, always follows up to be sure we have received things, and understand them fully. It was a pleasure to work with Tony, he sold our land quickly!


Tony has a fantastic approach to real estate sales. Very personal, patient and understanding of what my wife and I were looking for and what was available in the area. He was extremely knowledgeable on the community and was able to pass along valuable information so that we could make a truly informed decision. He knew what was of potential value and what was over valued. His negotiation skills were superb as we navigated a challenging sale for our piece of property with an out of state seller. We too were from out of state and hoping to get into contract before our departure home. Unfortunately that wasn't able to occur, but Tony always went the extra mile for us and we were in contract within the next week. Tony was there to guide us through the whole process of studies for septic, surveys, utility providers, HOA and Architectural Guidelines. With both the seller and the buyer out of state, things had to be completed with electronic reviews and signatures. Tony made sure we new where we were in the process, what was coming next, who was responsible for what, and what was expected of us. What a great experience!


The great service started with the excellent 3D virtual tour which is not often found in this area. He is very knowledgeable about housing prices and values in our area and was helpful in suggesting an attractive and realistic price. He was there with us every step of the way and was very meticulous and professional throughout the selling process. He fully explained all of the extensive paperwork required to close the sale. We would recommend Tony to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.


Tony is an excellent realtor. He is honest, reliable and timely. We had a tight budget to work with, and he gave us great advice and information on the properties that we saw; both what made them good, and what issues would be when we would try to sell it in the future. He always follows up via email or phone call promptly and consistently reached out to the listing brokers to try to get our questions answered. He was able to get us in to view properties quickly when, or in some cases before, they came on the market, which was critical with our budget. He is extremely knowledgeable about the values of homes in the area, and was not hesitant to share when he felt a property was over-valued by the listing broker. We worked with him for over a year to find the right home, and Tony was excellent in not pressuring us into a home that wasn’t the right fit for us. He worked extremely hard for us during that time period; we put in four offers on properties, and toured at least three times that many, and contacted agents on at least another dozen properties they were selling as well. While looking for properties we interacted with multiple other listing brokers. One of those listing brokers did not have accurate photographs of the property, (i.e. using photos of nearby properties instead of the property they were actually selling), another would simply ignore our questions and never reply back, and yet another listing broker had the property's square footage mislabelled by almost a factor of two. While I'm sure that there are many other good brokers besides Tony, I would strongly, strongly recommend workingwith him, we feel that he is by far the best realtor in the area. We’ve already recommended him to two of our friends!


Tony listed, marketed, and sold our townhouse. From beginning to end, the relationship with Tony was all that a seller could ever want. He was without any shadow of a doubt the perfect realtor. Tony exhibited and exercised the highest ethical standards we have ever seen in the 55 years I have been buying and selling homes. In addition, the explanations of everything, the first-rate marketing of our home, the deadline monitoring for us, the attention to detail, the interactions with the buyer's agent and the title company, the communication with us, the quality of the Closing--all of it, the entire process was handled and expedited by Tony with the highest degree of professionalism. If we ever buy or sell another property in Tony's real estate sales coverage area, we absolutely wouldn't dream of using any other realtor. Thank you Tony for a job well done!


Tony treats your purchase as if it was his own. He is exceptionally detail-oriented, knowledgeable about the area and easy to work with. Every step of the way was a breeze, highly recommended!


Tony is by far the best Real Estate Agent we have used in the last 20 years (minus my mother-in-law, of course :) ). We are thorough researchers, know what we want, research all listings in the area - so not to waste anyone's time (our agent, the home-seller, the listing agent, etc) - and only look to schedule viewings of those we deem a likely purchase-target of ours. But Tony was always available and willing to drop his own personal schedule to help us. Tony is very attuned to all current listings and knows volumes about the area! We could not have selected a better agent to have helped us. In the last 20 years we have used 6 different agents and walked away from each experience reeling of the poor performance of our agent. Tony reinstated our appreciation for those RE's that really do care and do take the time to really serve their clients. Tony truly is a great Agent!


Tony facilitated a worry-free and hassle-free sale of my property from listing through closing. He priced it just-right for a quick full price offer. His punctuality, attentiveness to detail, responsiveness to calls, and professionalism throughout every step of the process, including his description, professional photos and 3-D image of the property led to a completely satisfying experience.


Tony is the ultimate professional realtor. We had been looking for a new home for 2 years in both California and Colorado and had met multiple agents along the way. Tony was the best of them all. He is friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, prompt in responding to any questions and always available. He has over30 years of real estate experience and it shows. Tony paid amazing attention to detail, anticipated any potential complications, had an excellent ability to educate us through the process with phone reminders of all Important dates and deadlines and he always offered a calm competent reassurance whenever we got anxious about any surprises. He was a skilled negotiator for us and made sure we had highly qualified knowledgeable locals working for us on the inspection. He also made sure the transactions were as financially prudent as possible which was much appreciated. He never pushed us into a sale and always offered alternative options and he ran through the pros and cons of all potential deals so we felt comfortable with our decisions. Tony is fair, works hard for you, is financially prudent, locally knowledgeable and extremely good at what he does. We can not recommend him enough if you are looking to buy in the Ridgway area.


Realistic in helping us set a price in a very difficult market. His photography skills including his Matterport 3D camera Technology presented our house effectively and accurately. While the house was on the market, it was constantly at the top of Zillow’s list of area homes being viewed.


Extremely thorough, knowledgable, and experienced. Very responsive and truly advocates for the buyer as if it were his own money on the line. Tony helped us navigate a land purchase and provided great advice throughout the entire process.


As a first time home buyer, Tony made sure I was comfortable with the searching and purchasing process for my home. He did a great job of finding a home that fit my needs and budget. I will use Tony's services again when I purchase my next home.


Tony is a great realtor to work with for any type of real estate transaction. He is very detail oriented and will give you frequent updates and guidance throughout the process. He is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I will use him for all of my future transactions. I highly recommend him.


Tony is very knowledgeable in the biz. I learned everything I needed to know about buying. He educated me at every step, and explained the details, clearly. Every document was reviewed, perfect, and on-time. He even educated the seller's broker, and kept them on schedule too. Speedy responses on everything, and great negotiator. He always had my bottom dollar as his over-arching goal. I would recommenced Tony to any buyer.


I have been using Tony’s real-estate services for years now. He is very good realtor, he listens and respects his customers. He finds exactly what you're looking for as a buyer or a seller. After I started working with Tony, I stopped looking for "another" real-estate agent. He creates business relationships and keeps his promises. I would definitely recommend Tony if you are looking to sell or buy a house.


I will definitely recommend Tony if you are looking for a condo or house. He was able to help me find a condo really fast. He knew what my needs and wants were along with my price point and I got exactly what I was looking for. The professionals he associated me with during the sale were also very quick and did what they said they would do-to the "T". After the sale he has also assisted me with questions in regard to property value...etc.


I know very little about real estate and having Tony help with the process was incredible. He knows the market, was great with help about what needed to be perfected to increase the value of the home and made the process very easy. If I ever need real estate help, he will be the one person I reach out to.